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Additional licenses, depot storage, and other extensions can be added at any time.
Professional Starter 10 Cloud
  • 9 Professional-Client Licenses
  • 500 GB additional storage space (hosted in the US)
  • 1 Agent license
Yearly subscription {{1150.0000|currency:"€":2}}

The 10 included licenses allow 10 users to use Synqion on any number of computers, tablets, or smartphones. If required, one of these licenses can also be used as a Synqion-Agent license.
An agent license allows the use of a 'Synqion Agent': this is a Synqion client optimized for server environments which is installed on the server as a service and can then be run in the background.

The 500 GB of cloud storage space is located within the cloud in the US. It may be used by any number of Synqion users. The size of the storage space can be increased now or at a later date.

You can control which users are able to set up new Spaces in your storage area.

Extensions for this Product:

Extensions may also be added later to the active subscription, without additional charge.

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1 x Professional Starter 10 Cloud {{1150.0000|currency:"€":2}} {{1150.0000|currency:"€":2}}
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