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Please contact us directly. Together with our sales team, we will set up the right solution for you.

The following packages are an example of systems that we can set up for you:
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All starter packages can be extended at any time during the purchase process or via the user portal. Additional user licenses and storage expansions can be added online.

Product Licenses Cloud storage Other components Price per Year  
Professional Starter: 1 Cloud + 10 GB jährlich 1 10 GB
59.50 € Details & Configuration
Professional Starter: 5 Cloud + 100 GB jährlich 5 100 GB
299.00 € Details & Configuration
Professional Starter 10 Cloud + 500 GB 9 500 GB
  • Synqion Agent License
990.00 € Details & Configuration
KMU 150 Unlimited (private server)
  • 1 Enterprise-Hosting-Server License
  • 1 Tenant with Management Console
  • 1 Module external authentication
8,990.00 € Details & Configuration
Enterprise 500 Unlimited (private server)
  • 1 Synqion Enterprise Registration Server License
  • 1 Enterprise-Hosting-Server License
29,950.00 € Details & Configuration

Stated prices for business use only, prices do not include sales tax. (Without VAT)