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Additional licenses, depot storage, and other extensions can be added at any time.


Professional Starter: 5 Cloud

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  • Number of Users
  • 5
  • Storage space
  • 100 GB
345.00 €/Year
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Professional Starter: 1 Cloud

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  • Number of Users
  • 1
  • Storage space
  • 10 GB
67.90 €/Year
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Professional Starter 10 Cloud

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  • Number of Users
  • 10
  • Storage space
  • 500 GB
1150.00 €/Year
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Contained in all packages:

Automatic and complete end-to-end encryption

Seamless data security with an immutable audit trail.

GDPR-compliant file sharing

Exchange sensitive and personal data in complete safety.

GoBD-compliant archiving

Create archives with enforced retention periods.

Secure E-Mail communication

Powerful Outlook add-in for secure E-Mail attachments. Attachment encryption for Windows (Outlook Classic).

Unlimited number of secure data Spaces

Manage any number of projects or Spaces with individually configured access permissions.

Effortless data transfer - even with large files

Whether via a Space or a download link, Synqion offers a reliable and smooth service for sending and receiving large files.

Unlimited number of free guest licenses

With your Synqion licenses you also get an unlimited number of guest licenses - limited to one space per guest. This way there are no unexpected costs.

Every starter-package can be extended as much as needed

Add licenses, storage extensions, or features at any time.

In certified data centers in Germany

Your data is secure and inaccessible to third parties, encrypted on our secure ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and BIS-C5:2020 certified data centers in Germany.

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